Product Development

Our Company is committed to the complete process of product development: 3D design planning and model optimization for injection molding, injection molding tool design, manufacture and injection molding of the plastic product itself.

Mould Design

With 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of injection molding tools and using of the capabilities of our fleet, we are designing a Mould that is cost effective and ensures the production of high quality injection molded products.

Injection Mould Manufacturing

After finalizing the product model, we start designing and manufacturing the tool. The tool boards and standard parts are supplied by MEUSBURGER. The tool sheets are machined using a CNC machine.

Injection Moulding

The Med-Plast 2000 Ltd. produces plastic parts by injection molding technology. We have 8 injection molding machines in our current fleet with clamping force ranges from 200 kN to 4000kN. The injection molding capacity is up to 1400 cm3.

CNC Cutting

With NCT 510 mashine we undertake CNC Cutting.


We fulfill post-processing, cutting, labeling and packaging of injection molded products.

Med-Plast 2000 Ltd.


As part of our consultancy, you have the opportunity to explore your existing chipped or milled metal parts, how they can be adapted, redesigned into a cost-effective injection molded plastic parts. The components and models already in the development phase will examined for tool making ability and injection molding. We make a suggestion on modification what is required to achieve lower tooling costs. Furthermore, an important part of our research is that the final product model will meet to the technological requirements of injection molding.