We have 8 injection molding machines in our current fleet with clamping force ranges from 200 kN to 4000kN. The injection molding capacity is up to 1400 cm3.


There is a 500-m2 hall used for plastic injection molding. The finished goods and raw materials are stored in the 240-m2 warehouse.

The number of employees is 14. Production is in three shifts.

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Highest technical standard
The injection molding plant was established with the aim of providing customers plastic products or products containing plastic parts, which have a long run and reliably contribute to the continuous improvement of their quality of our life, through the continuous development of our of our expertise.

Machine park development
We are continuously upgrade our machinery to support the technical background for our customers’ needs.

Customer oriented production
We want to maintain customer-oriented production with continuous improvement.

Training of our employees
We pay constant attention to the training of our employees

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