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Development and manufacture of technical plastic parts for industrial use

Med-Plast 2000 Hungary Ltd. develops thermoplastic plastic parts and products for its industrial customers. Injection molding tools are required for manufacturing made by our company. We have the necessary range of machinery to produce the molded parts. 


Before the final product model is accepted, we will help to make your product more affordable. Med-Plast 2000 Kft. not only undertakes plastic injection molding and tool manufacturing, but also provides cost reduction advice for product development. The cost of producing the injection-molding tool is determined by the geometry of the product and required surface design. After consulting, you can save up to 30%. We are also focusing on details, which modification makes the mold-design much easier.

Technology guarantee

The contract practice of tool-making plants is to accept the design of the injection-molding tool with the customer, thus shedding the responsibility on themselves and passing it on to the customer. The plan accepted, the tool made, but no one assumes responsibility for the tool. 


We do not contra sign the plans with the customer.We take responsibility for the completed tool within our technology guarantee.

More about our services
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In a frame of contract, you will have a solution on three technical steps: product development, tool design, and injection molding of technical plastic. Only on this way can we achieve the fastest delivery lead-time because you have one contract starting from product development and ending with the finished product delivered.

Product Development

Mould Design

Injection Mould Manufacturing

Injection Moulding

CNC Cutting


Do you need consultation?


As part of our consultancy, you have the opportunity to explore your existing chipped or milled metal parts, how they can be adapted, redesigned into a cost-effective injection molded plastic parts. The components and models already in the development phase will examined for tool making ability and injection molding. We make a suggestion on modification what is required to achieve lower tooling costs. Furthermore, an important part of our research is that the final product model will meet to the technological requirements of injection molding.


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